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Here's a New Republic profile of China's Chen Guangbiao, whose recent whirlwind US trip demonstrated his penchant for "turning philanthropy into theater".

"In China, Chen Guangbiao is old news. For years, he has been turning philanthropy into theater. He first made a splash in 2008, when he mobilized 60 of his demolition machines and 120 workers to help rescue victims of the earthquake in Sichuan Province. (He says he personally carried 200 people to safety.) He later handed out red envelopes of money on the streets of Taiwan and traveled to Japan post-Fukushima to distribute rescue supplies. He has posed for pictures in a room made of money, sold “canned air” in Beijing, smashed a Mercedes-Benz to support low-carbon transportation, promoted “going green” by rocking a lime-colored suit, and taken out a half-page ad in the New York Times claiming the Diaoyu Islands for China. He also promised Bill Gates and Warren Buffett he’d give away all his money when he dies." -- Christopher Beam, the New Republic

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