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With new funds from the Heritage Foundation, The Fix will launch a “Restore the Media” video series that aims to train and inspire young liberty-minded journalists.

This week, the Heritage Foundation announced the nine nonprofit organizations selected as the 2024 winners of the Heritage Innovation Prize. The Innovation Prize provides monetary support (up to $1 million total per year) for original projects that promote the flourishing of civil society and fight back against the cultural dominance of the political Left.

One such prize recipient, The Student Free Press Association, received a $100,000 award to jumpstart a new—and, dare I say, innovative—educational initiative through its student publication, The College Fix.

The mission of The College Fix is to report true stories and identify and support young people who seek to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society. Student reporters at The Fix frequently report on violations of free speech on college campuses, instances of administrative bloat and overreach, and other campus stories that don’t fit the dominating left-leaning narrative in higher education today.

With the new funds from the Heritage Innovation Prize, The College Fix will endeavor to expand its scope, reaching students across the country on an exponentially larger scale. In the coming months, The Fix will create and launch a new “Restore the Media” educational video series housed on its website, free to all, focused on recruiting and training young people to be successful and principled campus journalists.

This video series will gather prominent figures in journalism to create compelling, accessible, and informative videos that will explain the importance of journalism, with the hope of inspiring young writers to consider this noble vocation, while encouraging concerned citizens to demand more of the American media. The videos will also provide young writers with the type of invaluable professional journalism training available to student writers and fellows at The Fix.

The impact of this video series will be far greater than simply producing more talented student reporters and fellows for The College Fix. Many Fix reporters graduate to successful careers in major news outlets, with the goal of providing the American people with more accurate and honest news. The Fix hopes this new endeavor will help effect a transformation of American media, benefitting all Americans.

As The College Fix begins creating this educational series, think of the ambitious young people or college students in your life. Our country might need their integrity and their talents to reform our broken news cycle. The College Fix could help them get there!

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