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As our frequent readers know, Jeremy Beer, our associate editor, has a new book out, and it is garnering a number of reviews, a few of which are noted below.

In his review for First Things, Ian Tuttle highlights the philosophical distinctions between the humane "philanthrolocalism" and the utilitarian, calculating underpinning of effective altruism.

Taking a historical perspective, Michael Cook of MercatorNet draws attention to the fact that Singer's effective altruism is not new: "What Beer shows is that Singer is actually a Johnny-come-lately in the story of scientific philanthropy."

Comparing two books, Leah Libresco reads Beer's The Philanthropic Revolution side by side with William MacAskill's Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference. "Jeremy Beer...finds that true charity has been eclipsed by technocratically and globally minded philanthropy, of which MacAskill’s EA is only the latest example."



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