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A "trend we should appreciate and applaud": Zuckerberg and his wife top 2013 philanthropist list, along with other younger donors.

"Today, new and younger philanthropists who achieved great wealth at a remarkably early age are emerging and donating — not so much to create bricks-and-mortar institutions but to build programs aimed at bringing about social change. This kind of giving may have an equally powerful impact on our society as did that of the Gilded Age philanthropists. Not to mention that the trend of younger givers defies the myth that anyone under 30 is interested mostly in animal videos and selfies....What makes the couple’s donation notable is not solely the size of the gift, which indeed is astounding, but that both of them are under 30, marking the first time philanthropists so young have contributed so much to a single recipient. And while their incredible wealth at such an early age makes Zuckerberg and Chan exceptional, there are others under age 45 that The Chronicle of Philanthropy has identified in recent years as philanthropic power couples who already have given hundreds of millions of dollars to various causes." -- the Dallas Morning News

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