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TV star Bryan Greenberg hosted fundraising brunch for the Olevolos Project; now 22 Tanzanian kids will have school expenses covered for one year.

"The Olevolos Project had the support of actor and philanthropist Bryan Greenberg for it’s [sic] 3rd annual charity brunch at Gallow Green of the McKittrick Hotel, home of Sleep No More. . . . They were there to support and raise funds for The Olevolos Project, a 501c3 organization that provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged young people in the Olevolos village of Tanzania. This was the third brunch Bryan has hosted for The Olevolos Project, an organization founded by his cousin Dory Gannes. After a trip Bryan took to Tanzania in 2010, he wanted to find a way to help. Funds raised from Saturday’s event will go straight towards The Olevolos Project’s Scholarship Program that supports the educational needs of disadvantaged and orphaned students of the Olevolos Village." -- Monica Gleberman, CableTV.com

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