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Washington Post "21-day Timehacker" project's recent guinea pig was director of Ithaca nonprofit who wants staff to go from overworked to a four-day week: will they succeed?

"Erin Marteal wants to move her busy, overworked staff to a four-day work week. “I want to make time for dreaming, exploration, rejuvenation, reflection — all the things we know are so important for productivity but always get pushed to the side because of the urgency of the moment,” she said. Marteal is the executive director of the nonprofit Children’s Garden in Ithaca, N.Y., a three-acre play and outdoor education space. In the past five years, she has overseen its rapid growth from a one-person, $40,000-budget operation to a 25-person shop in the summer operating on a $400,000 budget." -- Brigid Schulte, the Washington Post

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