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Are you tired of being asked for donations at store checkouts? Joe Loveland has 5 reasons why it's OK to say no, from your budget to doing some research first.

"Americans don’t lack for opportunities to donate to charities. We are continually solicited by telephone, email, social media, mail, and door-to-door. In recent years, we have added checkout counters to that list. Now many retail transactions are concluded with 'would you like to make a donation today to…?' It’s not unusual to get solicited like this half a dozen times a day, day after day. I’m not a fan. It feels like the glaring checkout person is judging while customers are craning their necks to see what kind of sociopath would deny hope to the homeless puppies, cancer battlers or wounded warriors. And I’m that kind of sociopath." -- Joe Loveland, the Minnesota Post

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