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For many, profit remains the raison d'être of business, and when a for-profit wants to do charity, growth and profit remain the priority, and giving needs to give way to the getting.

"If you think starting a social network business is hard, try selling lemonade.

"This was one of the many things I learned while catching up with Eric Harr and his attempts to turn his daughter Vivienne’s social media stardom into a social purpose, for-profit business.

"I’ve written about the Harrs story over the years. It began when Vivienne — then 8 — started a lemonade stand with the goal of raising money to end modern childhood slavery. She quickly raised $100,000 and was picked to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange on the day of Twitter’s initial public offering, something she did in a blue princess dress."--Deal Professor, New York Times

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