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On Nov. 14, Utahns will celebrate Utah Philanthropy Day with a banquet; here's why state's tradition of generosity is significant.

"Utahns are the nation's most generous with their time and money, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Here, people give nearly twice as much in monetary contributions to various causes than do those in any other state. More than 45 percent of Utahns volunteered service in some form or fashion in 2008, the last year the Chronicle measured. That compares to the second-place state — Nebraska — where 40 percent of residents served as volunteers. Sharing of one's time, labor and resources is an ingrained value in our culture, and we are all better off because of it. The benefactors aren't always the fabulously wealthy, and the beneficiaries aren't always the extremely destitute. Acts of selflessness are often aimed at the few, but over time, they benefit the many." -- the Deseret News

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