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Despite the concerns over a volatile market, the Walton Family Foundation plans to invest significantly into the growing, and, in places like Arizona, thriving charter school movement.

"Recent volatility in the stock market has been giving investors plenty of jitters lately, but the Walton Family Foundation has no such worries about its investment in the nation's charter school movement.

"The funder is so confident, in fact, that it just announced a major new initiative to grow new charter schools and keep existing ones running. Walton announced it will spend $1 billion—that's billion with a "B," folks—over the next five years. That's almost equal to the amount the funder has spent on K-12 education initiatives in the last two decades, and signals that the the funder will continue its high funding levels in this area of recent years. (WFF spent around $200 million on K-12 in 2014, a big jump from the previous year.)"--L.S. Hall, Inside Philanthropy

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