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Was Carnegie right about philanthropy? New Yorker takes a look at list of top 50 givers and the combined $7.7 billion they gave away in 2013.

"The Philanthropy 50 list suggests that rich donors spend less on causes having to do directly with poverty alleviation than on other areas. The categories that got the greatest amounts of funding from the fifty highest givers were foundations, colleges and universities, and hospitals and medical centers. A 2008 study commissioned by Google suggests that less wealthy people tend to give more to causes focussed on the poor than their wealthier counterparts: as much as thirty-six per cent of giving by households with incomes of less than a hundred thousand dollars “focuses on needs of the poor,” compared with twenty-two per cent of giving for households with incomes of a million dollars or more, the study found." -- Russ Jukalian, the New Yorker

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