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Australian man vowed to "give up sex for a year"; his campaign of "Pete's Chastity for Charity" ended up raising £50,000 for nonprofit that aids Cambodian girls.

"A Melbourne man gave up sex for a year as a bet and raised £50,000 for charity. Tired of the living the single life and the lacklustre dating scene that comprised bed-hopping and one night stands, Peter Lynagh made a bet with a friend that he could abstain from sex for a year. 'I was going to give up women and sex.... He (my housemate) said I couldn't even go a week, then this got me wound up even more,' Mr Lynagh explained. After making the bet for $2000 Lynagh realised he could use it as an opportunity to raise some money for charity. 'I had a flash of inspiration that I could give that money to the charity, make it bigger than me,' said the 33-year-old." -- Priya Joshi, the International Business Times

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