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America celebrates local tastes and diversions, but when you're off the beaten track, like WI's National Mustard Museum, it can be a struggle.

"Middleton, just outside Madison, Wisconsin's capital, had high hopes in 2009 when it wooed the popular attraction away from its home in nearby Mount Horeb, as a centerpiece of downtown redevelopment. The county lent the museum $200,000 and it opened in a renovated two-story brick building. 'The Mustard Museum had a great reputation in the Madison area and among mustard lovers all over the country, and we were looking for it to be a huge draw for us,' says Mike Davis, city administrator of the town of about 18,000 and a self-described mustard enthusiast. 'Unfortunately, it opened at exactly the wrong time.'" -- Stephanie Banchero, the Wall Street Journal

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