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The New Yorker profiles Marc Andreessen, who, thanks to a hardscrabble youth, "seethes with beliefs" (and thanks to his millions, has the resources to pursue them).

"Andreessen is forty-three years old and six feet five inches tall, with a cranium so large, bald, and oblong that you can’t help but think of words like 'jumbo' and 'Grade A.' Two decades ago, he was the animating spirit of Netscape, the Web browser that launched the Internet boom.... [W]hereas most V.C.s maintain a casual-Friday vibe, Andreessen seethes with beliefs. He’s an evangelist for the church of technology, afire to reorder life as we know it. He believes that tech products will soon erase such primitive behaviors as paying cash (Bitcoin), eating cooked food (Soylent), and enduring a world unimproved by virtual reality (Oculus VR). He believes that Silicon Valley is mission control for mankind, which is therefore on a steep trajectory toward perfection. And when he so argues, fire-hosing you with syllogisms and data points and pre-refuting every potential rebuttal, he’s very persuasive." -- Tad Friend, the New Yorker

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