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Whitney L. Ball, stalwart defender of and advocate for philanthropy and liberty has died at 52; this PD post will be longer than usual to honor her life.

Adam Meyerson hails Whitney as a champion of liberty par excellence. Her knowledge of  the conservative movement was incomparable, recounts James Piereson. The intensity and focus of her personality is found in the anecdotes recounted by Steven Hayward of Powerline. Her motivation and passion at DonorsTrust is recounted in a cogent and thought-provoking interview, where she explains the raison d'etre of the foundation she founded and ran since 1999.

Distinguishing among the four types of donor-advised fund providers, Whitney says, "DonorsTrust, where I work, serves donors dedicated to the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. These philosophical fund-providers may contribute to a wide range of grantees—everything from social welfare groups, arts and culture institutions, research centers, and more—but always with the goal of advancing the philosophy they share with their donors." Philanthropy Daily is a beneficiary of her efforts at DonorsTrust.

Her battle with cancer lasted 14 years. She will be missed; may she rest in peace.

Updated: 8/21/15:

Veronique de Rugy remembers her dear friend and the principles for which she lived.


Eli Lehrer shares a personal story of Whitney to highlight her humane side.


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