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There is a growing dissatisfaction with the board governance of nonprofits; CEO's often ask about a new model, and Anne Wallestad of BoardSource reminds us of the raison d'être of boards.

"So I organized an informal dinner conversation one night and -- much to my surprise -- almost the entire group came. We pushed together tables, and they told of the board challenges they are facing around such issues as recruitment, fundraising, engagement, founder transitions, and boundaries. We talked for more than two hours. They shared their concerns and hopes, and, as a group, we offered each other advice and counsel. And then, toward the end of the conversation, someone asked this question:

"'Don't you think it's time for a different model?'

"I actually get asked this question all the time in my role at BoardSource, and have come to realize that -- for at least some CEOs -- it's another way of saying, 'Can't we just get rid of boards? It would be so much easier for me to do my job without one.'"--Anne Wallestad, the Huffington Post

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