Jeremy Beer

Jeremy Beer is Principal Partner at American Philanthropic, LLC, a consulting firm whose mission is to strengthen civil society by improving the effectiveness of charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations. He works closely with dozens of philanthropies and nonprofit clients in such areas as strategic planning, message creation, program analyses and audits, major-donor club creation and implementation, direct mail, grantwriting, and collateral material development. He is also the co-founder of AmP Publishers Group and has served as a literary agent for a select group of clients, including the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn family.

Jeremy has published more than forty essays and articles on philanthropy, culture, and politics in various academic and popular journals, including Perspectives on Political ScienceFirst ThingsTouchstone, the American ConservativeFront Porch Republic, and the Utne Reader. He was the project director or editor in chief for four editions of a critically acclaimed essay-style college guide, Choosing the Right College, and the coeditor of American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia. He has lectured at Georgetown University, Calvin College, Augustana College, national meetings of the American Political Science Association, and elsewhere.

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The decline of rural America is being complacently accepted as a reasonable price to pay for the renewed dynamism of coastal cities. It’s time that philanthropy takes note.

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