Microphones representing finding your voice when doing effective fundraising writing
Imitation is the sincerest form of fundraising

The best fundraising writing captures a person’s “voice” without abandoning the rules and practices of effective donor communications.

Empty college campus indicating donors stopping giving because of lack of free speech
Charitable givers putting colleges, universities on notice

More donors will likely follow suit in the months ahead.

Elk grazing that have been protected by philanthropy
How Philanthropy Is Preserving the Environment

Private companies and philanthropists—not failed government programs—are our best hope for solving the conservation issues bedeviling our country.

Thinking about thanking: Reflections from years of thank-yous

Donors give to you out of no obligation. That deserves a prompt and personal thank you.

People holding Israeli flags; donors fight antisemitism
How donors can fight rising antisemitism on college campuses

Universities across America have been slow to respond to rising antisemitism on college campuses . Donors need to step in to hold schools and students alike accountable.

Child with excavator looks at bulldozer, representing donors' wish to support career education programs.
Donor support for career education programs

Here’s a career education framework spanning early childhood to high school that donors can use to guide their financial support for these programs.

Handing money, representing wealth transfer from baby boomer to younger generation
What the greatest wealth transfer in history means for planned giving

The potential reward for approaching donors about planned giving has never been greater. Are you prepared?

Dictionary definition of philanthropy representing nonprofits past and present
What is philanthropy for?

A recent book provides succinct insight into what makes philanthropy and philanthropists what they are today.

Church on college campus representing the future of Christian higher education
The future of Christian higher education

As the higher-ed landscape changes, it’s time for deeper conversations about what the future holds for Christian colleges and universities.

American flag envelope representing nonprofit messaging during an election year
What to do about: messaging in an election year

Election years are full of potential for both fundraising and frustration. Here’s how to keep your communications strong—and yourself sane—in 2024.