Foundation grants proposals and program fitting into general fundraising for nonprofits
Should foundation grants be a part of your fundraising strategy?

Establishing a good foundations program can be daunting, but the initial investment of time and energy pays off in the long run.

Elevator doors indicating that you should craft a compelling donor pitch that catches potential funders' interest.
You have one shot to unlock funding

Making the most of the chance to secure funding for your cause, with inspiration from Eminem.

Planning for the year ahead

Do you have a fundraising plan for 2024? It’s not too late to make one—and it’s critically important. Here’s a crash course.

Last-minute tips for Giving Tuesday

The good, the bad, and the ugly from 2022—and how you can learn from it.

American flag envelope representing nonprofit messaging during an election year
What to do about: messaging in an election year

Election years are full of potential for both fundraising and frustration. Here’s how to keep your communications strong—and yourself sane—in 2024.

giving tuesday 10 steps to success
10 steps to Giving Tuesday success

Giving Tuesday can be a big one-day revenue opportunity for nonprofits. Here’s how to get the most out of Giving Tuesday!

How to think about your fundraising investment

Significant fundraising expenses are not only unproblematic—they are responsible if your goals are to grow and to ensure that that growth is sustainable.

Nonprofit staff uniting to deliver consistent company messaging
Keep your nonprofit’s story straight

In nonprofit messaging, consistency is key. Make sure your donors and stakeholders aren’t hearing different messages from different people in your organization.

Be not afraid . . . to invest in fundraising

Nonprofit leaders often worry about keeping their fundraising costs low, but that may be the wrong approach. The first in a two-part series on fundraising expenses.

Someone writing holiday fundraising appeal
Writing an effective year-end appeal

Integrating these tricks into your end-of-year fundraising will help you reap the full rewards of donor generosity this giving season.