Someone writing holiday fundraising appeal
Writing an effective year-end appeal

Integrating these tricks into your end-of-year fundraising will help you reap the full rewards of donor generosity this giving season.

Getting real about foundation fundraising

In a recent webinar, AmPhil experts reminded us that foundations are run by people, not robots. Focus on building relationships, not inputting data.

The three pillars supporting long-term fundraising success

The success of your fundraising and marketing efforts depends on strategic cultivation of brand awareness, donor retention, and donor engagement.

Can a robot write a letter?

ChatGPT has its limitations, but (used wisely) it can be a powerful tool for improving your fundraising writing, saving you time and money along the way.

5 Ways to Improve Donor Stewardship

Implementing five simple donor stewardship strategies can help you build and retain healthier donor relationships.

Stating problems alone isn't going to help your fundraising mail
Avoid fundraising “cuss letters”

Donors want to hear about the problems you’re seeing—and what you’re doing about them.

Could listening to your donors make you a better fundraiser?

In a recent article, Theodore Wagenaar offers a donor’s perspective on giving. Fundraisers would do well to take heed.

Don’t shy away from being direct

Direct mail can seem like a distasteful tool that could ultimately compromise your organization’s integrity. Buying into that attitude may be costing your organization immensely.

Friends don’t let executives copyedit your fundraising appeals

Appeal approval processes should be structured to minimize the damage wreaked by executive editing.

The old adage is true: donors won’t give if they aren’t asked

Donors need to be asked for money. That doesn’t mean every meeting is an ask.