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Cover of Cal Newport's book Slow Productivity covering importance of deep work in fundraising
Slow Productivity in action

In his new book, Cal Newport emphasizes the importance and impact of slowing down at work.

Donors joining together to support social repairers; A Donor’s Guide to Rebuilding Our Communities One Zip Code at a Time
Supporting Social Repairers: A Donor’s Guide to Rebuilding Our Communities One Zip Code at a Time

In a new book, Seth Kaplan provides donors with a useful road map for supporting the men and women working to rebuild communities through a “sideways approach” to building relationships.

Donors and fundraisers aren’t so different, after all

In “A Spirituality of Fundraising,” Henri Nouwen reorients our approach to fundraising, reappraises the donor-fundraiser relationship, and reinforces my commitment to giving where I work.

Actionable ideas for nonprofit excellence

Kral delivers a well organized book that cleverly weaves real life examples of nonprofit excellence alongside actionable ideas that any nonprofit employee can put into practice.

christmas memory
Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory” shares the value of memory around the holidays

Truman Capote’s short story, “A Christmas Memory,” meditates on the role of memory around the holidays.

M. Stanton Evans: the conservative for the common man

Steven Hayward’s new biography details M. Stanton Evans’s life and his role in the modern conservative movement.

A charitable thing happened on the way to Jericho

In Father Robert Sirico’s splendid new book, “The Economics of the Parables,” the essence of a more complete meaning of charity is found in Christ’s most well-known tale

Death by disassociation: a review of Them by Senator Ben Sasse

Loneliness is killing us. Ben Sasse’s “Them” addresses a growing health crisis today—loneliness—and the effect of loneliness on individual and communal health, as well as contemporary politics.

Can the Bible inspire the modern philanthropist?

What hath Scripture to do with philanthropy? A recent Center for Civil Society webinar asked how the Bible can inform your philanthropy today.