Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca Houghton is a 2023 AmPhil Fundraising Fellow who's been writing in the nonprofit world since 2015. She is currently the Director of Prospect Research and Grants at Spring Arbor University.

Cover of Cal Newport's book Slow Productivity covering importance of deep work in fundraising
Slow Productivity in action

In his new book, Cal Newport emphasizes the importance and impact of slowing down at work.

Young man sitting under tree engaging in deep work to become a better, more successful fundraiser.
Change is hard (and worthwhile)

Committing to deep work pays off, transforming how your colleagues perceive you and how you see yourself.

Fundraising writer engaging in deep work to strategize and complete tasks on deadline
Deep work strategies for fundraisers (especially writers)

Fundraisers would be wise to make a conscious choice to prioritize deep work—then follow that up with a concrete plan for doing so.

Woman in maze indicating how hard getting federal grants can be, how philanthropy needs to help underserved communities access federal funding.
Can fundraising be deep work?

It’s a tall order to make time for deep work when you’re in the thick of building relationships, but it’s worth the effort.