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News Stories

  • Unless it's an in-depth investigative piece, our news stories range between 300 and 600 words.
  • In a typical week, we receive dozens of news pitches. Please make sure you understand the kinds of news stories we prefer and include a brief explanation of why your pitch is an important one to feature at PD.
  • If you have a compelling local story, it should also be framed in such a way that is relevant to readers across the country. We usually don’t cover galas, celebrity events, groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings, or grant announcements unless they are out of the ordinary.

Opinion and Commentary


PHILANTHROPY DAILY provides authentic diversity of opinion and perspectives on the most important issues, persons, and ideas in the world of philanthropy. The site maintains a special focus on strengthening civil society and takes an active interest in what we term “philanthrolocalism” as an alternative philosophical foundation for philanthropy, suggesting that philanthropy’s primary purpose should be to increase opportunities for authentic human communion.


Thus, we feature content that highlights themes including the importance of rootedness; philanthropic efforts by local communities and associations; return to traditional charity and almsgiving; protection of philanthropic freedom; and honoring donor intent. Likewise, we are interested in exposing policies and practices that encourage excessive bureaucratic hurdles and regulations for nonprofits; close partnerships between philanthropy and big corporations, as well as philanthropy and the state; and sweeping efforts to effect change through big, global, and centralized means.

  • If your piece would engage with any of the themes mentioned above, please send us your pitch with a brief explanation of why it is an important one to feature at PHILANTHROPY DAILY.
  • Our opinion articles range between 500 and 1,200 words.