Advancing Working Women for Greater Mobility

Women’s economic mobility is increasing, and philanthropists can play an integral role in removing further barriers to their workplace success.

Declaration of Independence indicating Jack Miller support of patriotic K-12 education reform and sustained American democracy.
The Patriotic Philanthropist

Jack Miller’s commitment to reform in American civic education sets a sterling example for donors of how to effect transformative change and uphold philanthropic values.

An old baseball indicates importance of support of baseball to the Knights of Columbus.
The Knights of Columbus, Charity, and Baseball

The history of the Knights of Columbus and that of baseball are intimately intertwined, telling a story of sportsmanship, charity, and love of the game.

Foundation grants proposals and program fitting into general fundraising for nonprofits
Should foundation grants be a part of your fundraising strategy?

Establishing a good foundations program can be daunting, but the initial investment of time and energy pays off in the long run.


Banks have no business advising individual philanthropy

Big banks know no more about philanthropy than they do about making toast. They shouldn’t be advising customers on either.

Death of a snow day

Snow days may be a thing of the past as “work from home” and “virtual learning” become more common across the country.

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Truth-Seeking in an AI-Influenced World

In a culture marked by bias and riven by ideology, institutes of higher education must return to their original mission: the pursuit of truth.

School Choice: Educating Students, Building Communities

By expanding school choice and offering education savings account programs, states can increase access to high-quality education while strengthening civil society in the process.

Salesforce CEO Understates the Importance of Free Speech in Giving

Donors should be afforded the chance to donate anonymously, but that right is under fire from both sides of the political aisle.

Biden’s proposed budget vilifies wealth and threatens philanthropy

The president’s war on donor-advised funds imperils the flexibility and innovation that help truly effective philanthropy thrive.

“I Thirst”—Would You Offer Him a Drink?

How Jesus’s Good Friday words call on us across the millennia, encouraging us to engage in charity to alleviate suffering.

A Donor’s Guide to Understanding the Great School Shutdown and Pandemic K-12 Learning Loss

There are promising solutions to the learning loss puzzle, but donors need to overcome the “urgency gap” between current recovery efforts and what needs to be done.