GDT Podcast / Episode 57

This week on Givers, Does, & Thinkers, Jeremy talks with Amy Sherman about how people of faith can go beyond politics to seek good for their communities. 

Hen and Drake Wood Ducks on the Water
Falling in Love . . . With Your Prospects

So you want to court a donor . . .

reflection of many construction cranes in modern glass window facade capacity building for nonprofits
Strategies for Focusing Your Nonprofit’s Capacity Building Grant Request

By concentrating on mission and vision, your nonprofit can craft a compelling request.

Berufsausbildung in der Industrie und Handwerk // Engineering education - trainers, students and trainees
A Donor’s Guide to Career and Technical Education

Supporting more pathways to jobs and opportunities.


Giving is good for you, too

Charitable giving is certainly good for the beneficiary of that charity, but does it benefit the giver, too?

Banks have no business advising individual philanthropy

Big banks know no more about philanthropy than they do about making toast. They shouldn’t be advising customers on either.

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Wondering how to use Giving USA to inform your fundraising? Don’t.

How Your Nonprofit Can Use AI to Save Time and Money

This may have been written by a robot . . . just kidding!

A Bereaved Yet Happy America Should Look to John Quincy Adams and 1826

How the Sixth President Responded to the Fateful and Mournful Events on the Golden Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

The Exemplary Efforts of Father Flanagan

Through his ministry to thousands of troubled boys, Father Edward Flanagan set an example we should strive to emulate.

The Humility of a Philanthropist

The nonprofit is the protagonist. Philanthropists are the supporting cast.

If I were to start a nonprofit . . .

What would I do?