Strengthening civil society through strategic execution

American Philanthropic has a new name and a new look—and a renewed commitment to strengthening civil society.

Edelman continues to track the decline of trust

The 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer tells us more about the decline of trust globally. This year, they track the rise in polarization, too.

Heritage Foundation awards support projects to defend freedom

The Innovation Prize supports organizations fighting against the radical progressive Left. A new round of applications are open now.

career pathway
A new way forward: career pathway programs nurture civil society and advance upward mobility

Here’s how donors can foster the upward mobility of young people and strengthen the institutions of civil society by supporting career pathway education and training programs.


What you were reading at Philanthropy Daily in 2021

Looking back at 2021, here are the big themes we discussed. We are scrapping the “best of” for a more thorough list.

Teaching compassion and virtue to citizens today

Today’s virulent political discourse needs an influx of compassion and virtue. Here’s how donors might support that.

Latest Articles

The demise of AmazonSmile

Amazon announced last week the end of its AmazonSmile program. While no nonprofit will suffer significantly, there is a downside to this decision.

Planning for the year ahead

Do you have a fundraising plan for 2023? It’s not too late—and it’s critically important. Here’s a crash course.

British government needs to stop funding charities that are virtually indistinguishable from political lobbying groups

Policymakers must divorce themselves from the old connotations of what they always believed “charity” represented, and instead see them as what they have morphed into today.

The peculiar evolution of Carnegie’s Libraries

Inspired by benefits he enjoyed from the library, Andrew Carnegie funded the creation of over 2,500 libraries around the world. Where are they now?

Gates, Soros, and Ford Foundations Pushing Policy Through Arabella’s “Dark Money” Machine

New filings reveal how three of the largest foundations in the world are using Washington’s top “dark money” lobbying network to change policy in America, providing further evidence that the Left has weaponized charity to advance an elite political agenda.

An ode to the anonymous donor

American generosity is best demonstrated in the complete charity of anonymously giving gifts large and small to fundraising efforts on street corners.

Giving Review Blog

Forgo mandates and work to change philanthropy through excellent grantmaking

Improve lives, grow and strengthen civil society, and demonstrate the power of private giving based on our core values.

The rise and decline of Big Philanthropy in America

It has reconstituted the very system that Alexis de Tocqueville once famously lauded Americans for not having. Meaningful reform will be of the hatchet, not the scalpel variety.

Introduction to The Giving Review symposium, “Conservatism and the Future of Tax-Incentivized Big Philanthropy”