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Biden’s proposed budget vilifies wealth and threatens philanthropy

The president’s war on donor-advised funds imperils the flexibility and innovation that help truly effective philanthropy thrive.

Microphone in courtroom indicating call for mandatory donor disclosure violates first amendment
The Call for Donor Disclosure: As Unscientific as It Is Unconstitutional

A new study discloses the political alchemy of progressive claims, showing there is no empirical evidence to support the demand to violate the First Amendment by revealing donor names.

IRS homepage indicating donor taxpayer information leaked
Do you want your donors’ information in a public database?

The IRS is careless with donors’ data, but philanthropists are working to spur legal decisions and legislation that force the agency to get serious about taxpayer privacy.

Nominations Open for the 2024 Simon-DeVos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership

Nominations are now open for the Simon-Devos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership to honor a living philanthropist who has shown exemplary leadership.

Supreme Court building representing hearing over wealth taxes and philanthropy
Moore v. United States Oral Argument: The Slippery Slope of Taxing Unrealized Gains

The outcome of a pending Supreme Court case will have a massive effect on the extent to which philanthropy can thrive and positively impact society.

happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!

Reflecting on civil society and our gratitude for voluntary associations this Thanksgiving Day.

Group of kids jumping and paying hopscotch game outside near the school together
Playworks and Camp Fire Collaborate to Bring Safer and Healthier Play to Schools

Two national youth development organizations are partnering to launch a new youth development program in Anchorage and Kansas City.

F grade indicating that major donors are unhappy
Mealy-mouthed universities are facing megadonor flight

In the wake of the Hamas terrorist attacks, megadonors are ditching universities in droves—and showing it’s high time for a reckoning with progressive political capture of higher education.

What the Republican debate teaches us about crafting effective appeals

Wednesday’s presidential debate presented a vivid illustration of the power of a coherent narrative. Fundraisers should sit up and take notice.

Right hand, meet left

Truly persuasive messaging relies on alignment between writing and design. AmPhil’s new Creative Studio brings the two under one roof and onto the same page.