Elaina Bals

IRS homepage indicating donor taxpayer information leaked
Do you want your donors’ information in a public database?

The IRS is careless with donors’ data, but philanthropists are working to spur legal decisions and legislation that force the agency to get serious about taxpayer privacy.

2024 calendar representing monthly giving to nonprofits
Monthly giving will help your nonprofit weather 2024 (and beyond)

A recent study from Giving USA indicates choppy fundraising waters ahead, but a strong monthly giving program can provide the sense of belonging your donors are looking for.

Diminishing piles of dollar coins representing decrease in charitable giving in 2023
Looking to 2024: Giving USA 2023 shows what you’re up against

A recent study shows that, since its pandemic peak, charitable giving has fallen—and competition for donations has grown. What does this mean for your nonprofit in the new year?

New Faith and Freedom Index scores states’ friendliness to faith-based nonprofits

Napa Legal’s new Index helps nonprofit leaders evaluate whether a state will advance or inhibit their ability to fulfill their mission.