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honor memory
More Than a Name: Honoring a Memory

Naming gifts aren’t always about self-gratification. They often honor the rich and generous lives of donors and individuals.

The peculiar evolution of Carnegie’s Libraries

Inspired by benefits he enjoyed from the library, Andrew Carnegie funded the creation of over 2,500 libraries around the world. Where are they now?

land access
Land access philanthropy in America

Public access lands preserve open space and hunting lands from development and privatization. Here is how you can use your land to benefit public access.

Elon Musk, “philanthropist”

The strangeness of Elon Musk’s statement explaining his Twitter purchase exposes the strangeness of billionaire “philanthropy.”

Tidings from Gates’s latest transfer of wealth

The world’s fourth richest man hands his foundation a historic wad of cash, motivated by the need to help ‘suffering people.’

They are not the unremembered dead

Lee Edwards will see his idea and dream of profoundly remembering the victims of Marxist-Leninism become a reality.

Death by disassociation: a review of Them by Senator Ben Sasse

Loneliness is killing us. Ben Sasse’s “Them” addresses a growing health crisis today—loneliness—and the effect of loneliness on individual and communal health, as well as contemporary politics.

How a Philadelphia nun transformed the tax code

Curiously, the “Philadelphia Nun Provision” sits at the genesis of today’s charitable tax deduction

freedom fund
Philanthropic giving in action: the Atlas Network’s Ukraine Freedom Fund

The Atlas Network shows how nonprofits can seamlessly support those in need, without the involvement of government and red tape.

martin luther king
Martin Luther King’s legacy for liberal education

When remembering Martin Luther King, we should remember his identity as a scholar and professor—and the role that liberal education played in his life.