James Davenport

Nonprofit staff aligning their messaging and mission statement to ensure consistency and hitting fundraising target.
On message, on mission

If your nonprofit is going to fulfill its purpose, your staff need to think and speak clearly and consistently about its mission.

Woman picking up barbell, indicating importance of professional discipline and planning in nonprofit fundraising.
Motivation is worthless

Passion is all well and good, but when it comes to fulfilling your mission, professional discipline is key.

Megaphone representing fundraisers making strong statements to attract like-minded donors and foundations
Make strong statements

Sharing your mission with strength and clarity attracts donors and foundations that are aligned with your values and ready to give.

Who is your archetypal donor?

Identifying your donors’ common characteristics can help you you both acquire new donors and retain and upgrade the ones you have.

Could listening to your donors make you a better fundraiser?

In a recent article, Theodore Wagenaar offers a donor’s perspective on giving. Fundraisers would do well to take heed.

The old adage is true: donors won’t give if they aren’t asked

Donors need to be asked for money. That doesn’t mean every meeting is an ask.

Red tickets on black
Raffles are not the answer

Small nonprofits shouldn’t rely on one-off fundraising events for long-term financial security.

Cultivating Belongingness: The work of a rural community foundation

The Wayne County Community is creating and promoting strong community and opportunity. Other rural community foundations should follow suit.

How to become a “preselected charitable organization”

Regardless of what a foundation’s 990 says, ongoing outreach from your organization can pay off.

memorial day
On Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day on which we remember that the sacrifices of others is for naught if our work does not seek to preserve what theirs did.