Jonathan Hannah

Jonathan Hannah is Director of AmPhil’s Center for Civil Society. He previously worked as a policy analyst in Washington, D.C., has been an instructor at the Lewis University College of Business, and teaches a course on philanthropy and the common good at the University of Notre Dame’s College of Arts & Letters.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Saint Xavier University, a master’s degree from Lewis University, a juris doctor from the University of Detroit Mercy, and an LL.M. from the Notre Dame Law School.

Group of people representing advisory council that engages retirees and gen zers, identifies future board of directors members, and rewards promising nonprofit staff members.
Your nonprofit probably needs an advisory council

As the number of charitably inclined Gen Zers and philanthropically involved retirees skyrockets, it’s worth considering the benefits an advisory council could bring to your organization.

Man adding money to early retirement plan in order to support philanthropy as he ages
How early retirees can plan for philanthropy

A financial plan for early retirement should include a concrete strategy for ongoing philanthropic involvement.

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Take this brief survey for fundraising professionals to share how you feel about your profession and big-picture fundraising conditions.

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Sam Bankman-Fried’s coin flip

SBF’s trial gives us a closer look at his philosophy of betting on fraud and raises the question, what does his downfall mean for the Effective Altruism movement?

A stronger center and more robust civil society

The Center for Civil Society has a new website and a renewed commitment to helping nonprofit fundraisers strengthen civil society.

Catholic generosity is failing to measure up

Are churches communicating the importance of giving? If not, what does this mean for charitable giving and the health of civil society?

Announcing the 2024 AmPhil Fundraising Fellowship

Early-to-mid-career fundraisers are invited to apply for this nine-month leadership program designed for those looking to grow professionally and intellectually alongside a small group of peers.

A can’t miss conference with an eye-popping agenda

On November 7th and 8th, a panoply of donors, nonprofit leaders, and scholars will gather in Scottsdale to discuss the decline in religiosity in America.