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The Center for Civil Society has a new website and a renewed commitment to helping nonprofit fundraisers strengthen civil society.

The Center for Civil Society has created a new website (visit the new site here) that will better serve our partners and those of you who rely on the center as a source for philanthropic educational opportunities and news. With this new website, you can easily find our webinar offerings, our In the Trenches master class opportunities, information on our growing fellowship program, and much more.

Philanthropy Daily, our online news and opinion journal, can be reached through the center website. Readers who want to stay up to date with philanthropic news can subscribe directly to Philanthropy Daily and receive an email each Friday by clicking here

As the Center for Civil Society continues to grow, expect our website to do the same. We are committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities, seminar trainings, and conferences such as our annual Givers, Doers, & Thinkers conference. Through these initiatives, we fulfill our goal of helping fundraisers and nonprofit leaders become even better at their craft so that they can keep advancing civil society. 

We also hope that you follow us on social media so that you can stay current with our various opportunities. You can follow Philanthropy Daily on LinkedIn here.

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