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The scoop from the roof

This old world may be getting others down, but one inspired Chicago minister has found a calling that is . . . higher.

Announcing the American Philanthropic Fundraising Fellowship

Early- to mid-career fundraisers are invited to apply for this nine-month leadership program designed for those looking to grow professionally and intellectually alongside a small group of peers.

Forbes 400
Forbes ranks the wealthiest Americans’ charitable giving

As it turns out, the wealthiest Americans are not doling out their fortunes in vast percentages.

SCOTUS stays New York Court ruling restricting Yeshiva University’s religious identity

The shocking June decision by a city judge, widely seen as a threat to the First Amendment, coalesced a multi-denominational pushback in support of both the nation’s oldest Jewish college and religious liberty

American Philanthropic to partner with Innovest to provide clients with access to mission-aligned investment guidance and services

American Philanthropic is pleased to announced its partnership with Innovest, an independent provider of investment-related consulting services for retirement plans, nonprofits, families, individuals, and family offices.

Fundraising when times are bad: a new series

Stay tuned for a new series from American Philanthropic and Philanthropy Daily—”Fundraising When Times Are Bad”—to help you navigate today’s recession.

American Philanthropic to form strategic partnership with Virtuous

American Philanthropic is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Virtuous, a responsive fundraising platform designed to foster a personalized experience at every step of the development process.

Americans show bipartisan concern about cash-bulging foundations and donor-advised funds

A new survey shows there may be one issue uniting both ends of the political spectrum: unease at the wealth-amassing of charities and DAFs.

Buffett bequests billions for abortion

Warren Buffet’s mega estate—$90 billion and counting—is poised to flood the abortion movement.

pro-life movement
The pro-life movement after Roe

In the wake of Dobbs, the pro-life movement has a tall task before it: keeping donors engaged while waging battles in each of the fifty states.