Using a modest amount of money for each participant, 100 men each commit to giving $100 to one of three Dallas causes that is voted on, once a quarter, receive the $10K: 100 Men Who Give A Damn.

"An informal group that calls itself 100 Men Who Give A Damn Dallas is changing the philanthropic scene in this city and now being copied across the state.

"'We just don't say 'damn' in our house unless it's for a reason like this,' said Marv Bramlett, co-organizer of the group. 'This is for such a great cause. For 100 Men Who Give A Damn Dallas you're making a commitment to come out here because you do give a damn.'

"It’s not a charity and has no bank account. Instead it’s 100 men who agree to meet four times a year and give at least $100 to a chosen charity each time."--Jason Whitely, WFAA8