Here's an article on Czech charitable giving: It's doubled in the last 10 years, majority of givers are lower and middle class, and retirees are generous.

"The total volume of charitable giving in the Czech Republic has doubled in the past decade or so. It was increasing steadily for about ten years before 2008, when economic uncertainty may have played a role in a slight decrease or simply stagnation....In the Czech Republic, where the culture of giving to charities and non-profit organizations does not have a long tradition, the make-up of the donor pool is somewhat unconventional. Whereas in countries like the United States or the UK, eighty percent of all the charitable gifts are made by the richest five percent of the population, the Czech Republic’s super rich contribute to only a one third of all the financial gifts. The remaining two-thirds are donors from medium and low-income brackets and almost half of donors with the lowest income are pensioners." -- Masha Volynsky, the Nation (Pakistan)