Livestrong almost sank after revelations about founder Lance Armstrong; here's the tale of how it's bouncing back to keep fighting cancer.

"Since late 2012, the once high-flying charity—which has raised some $500 million over the years to help 2.5 million patients, caretakers, and survivors get access to services such as fertility preservation, clinical-trial matching, and insurance assistance—has lost some of its biggest sponsors, including Nike and RadioShack. Revenue fell to $38.1 million in 2012, from $46.8 million the previous year, and it continued to fall throughout 2013. Last year, 13 of Livestrong’s 100 employees resigned. But as tempting as it is to write Livestrong off as a hopeless case, that’s not necessarily so. Slowly and soberly, Ulman has been dreaming up a new future for the foundation, one in which it is not bigger and grander but smaller, humbler, and focused purely on the cancer survivors for whom it was founded. Livestrong may never be what it once was. But it could be something different, and maybe even something stronger.
" -- Issie Lapowsky, Inc. (via