The relationship between The Green Revolution and energy has not, to date, received a penetrating study; John Perkins gives an outline of those areas where this Revolution has impacted energy.

"Scholarship over the past 20 years has produced a much richer understanding of the Green Revolution, but one critical angle has received little attention: the role of energy. This post will sketch the important issues connecting energy with the Green Revolution and explain why they received little attention until recently. I present it with the hope that it will inspire more intensive study.

"Philanthropic organizations, particularly the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, played a key role in developing and promoting the international spread of high yielding varieties of wheat and rice after the 1940s. This Green Revolution, a name developed in the 1960s for purposes of public relations, rested on finding and developing plant varieties that responded well to fertilizer and water. Both already-industrialized and yet-to-industrialize countries adopted the new plants and methods, but the Foundations focused their work on the latter group."--John Perkins, HistPhil