Founder of MS nonprofit for those who lost loved ones to murder says victim advocacy has made huge strides in 27 years, and she can close her doors.

"Saltillo resident Carolyn Clayton says her life has not been the same since her daughter's death. 'Amy was murdered in 1986,' Clayton said. 'She had just graduated from high school and was preparing to go to college. She was 18. She left one day to go jogging and never came home. We found her the next morning, and it put us on the rollercoaster of the judicial system.' After her daughter's death Clayton became passionate about victims rights. Helping other murder victims like herself deal with the emotional event.... In 1987 she opened Survival. Survival, a nonprofit organization centered itself around helping victims of murder. Clayton said Survival not only helped others, but saw her through a rough time in her life." -- Cornelius Thompson,