We all make New Year’s resolutions, plan on huge success, but find ourselves twelve months later throwing back a few too many wine and spirits because, well, life happens. Below are three resolutions that will keep you on track and in good spirits (without the extra help).

(1) Make a Plan.

If you don’t have a plan for next year, let’s change that.  Whether you are looking to increase revenue, build capacity, or communicate more effectively, a simple strategic development plan helps you to define your goals and creates a clear pathway to achieve them. It’s easy to get distracted during the haste, so while things quiet down over the holidays, take a step back and make a good plan for the coming year.

(2) You’re micromanaging. Stop.

Your time is invaluable. So, if you can help it, save yourself from extra anxiety and trust your colleagues to get stuff done.

(3) Help a Brother Out.

Hungry? Eat a fruit snack. Sometimes we over-complicate life. There are little things you can do that will create a more effective work environment.

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