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Zuckerberg will give away his money through a profitable business; Facebook's new plugins treat nonprofits like business, previous decisions have also imposed for-profit standards on nonprofits. 

"Are you listening Facebook? Did you hear nonprofits?

"That’s what it looks like after the company, home to 1.59 billion monthly active users as of the end of 2015 announced its new website for nonprofits. If you judge it on looks, it’s well done and inviting.  The “Learn More” buttons entice using buzzwords near and dear to nonprofits, from “Raise Awareness” to “Raise Funds” to my favorite, “Build Your Community.”

"But does this site truly help my wonderful little nonprofit? Or any of us in the nonprofit world? Not really. There are some useful things there and it’s a very good 101. But Facebook doesn’t seem to have overcome the biggest hurdle it put in front of nonprofits last year. It’s still treating nonprofits like businesses. And this site seems to be a smoother way for Facebook to help us better spend our marketing money on its advertising."--Susy Schultz, the Public Narrative

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