Travis LaCouter

Travis LaCouter is a doctoral candidate in theology at the University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford, Travis worked as an editor, blogger, and nonprofit professional in Washington, D.C. He is currently a Junior Associate with the Institute for the Study of Philosophy, Politics, and Religion at the University of Cambridge. He graduated as valedictorian from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Crowdfunding the Wall

A viral GoFundMe page set up by Trump supporters to raise money for the president’s border wall raises questions about the significant overlap between philanthropy and partisan activism.

Partisanship and philanthropy, again

Add the name of one more victim to our ongoing Culture Wars: Charity.

“If you die rich, you die poor, really.”

Barbara Jonas leaves a worthy legacy of philanthropy.

The complexities of donor intent

The question of donor intent is not simply, ‘What would our founder have done?’ but rather, ‘How do we implement our founder’s vision today?’

Checking in on the Donor-Advised Fund debate

The wonky nonprofit dispute over DAFs has spilled onto the Grey Lady’s august pages, and it suggests that the momentum is only building on the issue.

A first look at the Everyday Philanthropist Act

Since the passage of the GOP tax bill, nonprofits have been scrambling to find how they figure into the new regulatory landscape.

The limits of data-driven philanthropy

Michael Bloomberg is missing the point: what we need right now is not more data, but more debate.

Gamers give back

Last week, popular video gamers helped raise over $2.7 million for St Jude’s. Is the gaming world showing signs of social consciousness?

David Rubenstein’s lonely patriotism

Grateful to Rubenstein’s philanthropic commitment to our civic spaces, it’s incumbent upon us to ask why his brand of charity is so rare right now.

The Philanthropist Prince

Prince William suggests a shift in British philanthropy.