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Branding is key to communicating to donors and others the good that your nonprofit performs; if branding is not done well, it can also break your organization.

"The best storytellers will tell you: Keep your message concise, relevant and engaging. Yet, you put time and hard work into crafting your nonprofit’s story — how it started, grew over time, and became the success it is today — all to find out your donors couldn’t care less. What’s the deal? 

"You probably know the basics of good branding, but what’s harder to nail down is how to tailor your message to your audience. Your current message could very well be concise, relevant and engaging, but not to your target audience. It’s a good idea to occasionally scrutinize your branding to see what simple mistakes might be diluting your fundraising efforts.

"The four nonprofit executives below from Forbes Nonprofit Council tweaked their brand over the years, and here are the top branding mistakes they come across."--

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