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Jeremy Beer, our own associate publisher, is the author of The Philanthropic Revolution; it was recently published, and is reviewed by Fred Smith of Comment.

"As president of The Gathering—a community of individuals, families, and private foundations making financial gifts to Christian ministries around the world—for some time now, I often wonder if philanthropy is one of those words that has either lost its traditional definition (love of mankind) or never should have been used to describe giving in the first place.

"In fact I wonder if our use of "love of mankind" actually is possible or even desirable. Yes, there are numerous examples where giving springs from sincere feelings about the poor or a genuine desire to alleviate suffering, spread the gospel, deliver health care, rescue young girls and boys from the bondage of trafficking, and restore dignity to people. No doubt these are good things. But are they really philanthropy? Are they charity? Are those actually two different things?"--Fred Smith, Comment magazine

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