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Nominate philanthropists for the 2021 Simon-Devos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new spotlight to the good work being done by philanthropy in our country and around the world. As the need for everything from vaccine research and development to funding food banks dramatically increased almost overnight, philanthropists have stepped up to meet the call of helping their neighbors.

Americans have demonstrated this problem-solving generosity for hundreds of years, and it’s something worth celebrating. For the last 15 years, The Philanthropy Roundtable has been honored to administer the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership. In 2021, the DeVos family joined the Simon family to establish the Simon-DeVos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership.

Each year the prize is awarded to a living philanthropist who has shown exemplary leadership through his or her charitable giving. The prize and $200,000 award seek to advance the principles of personal responsibility, resourcefulness, volunteerism, scholarship, individual freedom, faith in God, and helping people help themselves.

Previous recipients have funded a wide variety of philanthropic endeavors from education to buildings to programs combating poverty. At a time when our country is in great need of help from each other, the Simon-DeVos Prize provides another way for philanthropy to make on-the-ground impacts in communities and individual lives.

“The Roundtable is so grateful to the Simon and DeVos families for generously funding a prize that highlights the honorable work done by philanthropists to inspire positive social change,” said Elise Westhoff, president and CEO of The Philanthropy Roundtable. “During an especially difficult period for our country, philanthropy continues to meet the many challenges we face with efficiency, creativity, and compassion. We can’t wait to see who is nominated for the Simon-DeVos Prize this year and look forward to honoring the recipient in October during the Roundtable’s annual meeting.”


Nominations for the Simon-DeVos Prize are welcome through Friday, April 9, 2021, and can be submitted online. A selection committee will review the nominations and a winner will be selected in May. The prize is presented at the Roundtable's annual meeting in October, before a large audience of donors.

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