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The lack of transparency on the part of a charity should be a red flag for donors, and donors should be educated on the group to whom they give their money.

"It’s not surprising that as fur traders were navigating the rugged Idaho terrain and rivers to turn a profit, early missionaries were at work for the common good establishing a school, printing the first book, building an irrigation system and even growing the first potatoes.

"Mission-based work is and has always been vital to our nation’s prosperity. Today, a charity somewhere is working to address virtually every challenge or inequity we face. These organizations, large and small, exist because we enable them through our donations of cash, products and time. Our state and federal governments subsidize them with tax exemptions. We give because we hope and believe they will succeed in lessening misery, sharing helpful information or creating opportunity where the marketplace cannot. In short, we trust that they will deliver best efforts to solve problems."--H. Art Taylor, the Idaho Statesman

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