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Eric Suder set up scholarships for students who were first in the family to seek a college education; when it was the colleges turn to take over the funding, a few colleges stopped the program.

"EIGHT years ago, Eric Suder decided he wanted to use some of the fortune he had made in telecommunications technology to help students who were the first in their families to attend college.

"His family foundation chose eight universities to receive $1 million to $2 million over four years. The money from the program, called First Scholars, would be used to provide scholarships and to create a mentoring and support system for the beneficiaries. After the funding ran out, the universities agreed that they would take over the programs.

"But now, Mr. Suder’s initial assistance is ending, and some of the universities’ commitments to the First Scholars program are flagging. Two that took over funding the current scholars are not adding new scholars. A third, the University of Alabama, which received $1.3 million from Mr. Suder, abruptly canceled the program two weeks after cashing his final check for $250,000 in September 2014."--Paul Sullivan, The New York Times

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