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With the imminent retirement of baby boomers, nonprofit executives and board members have not tapped well-trained successors to shoulder the burden; leadership training is needed.

"Nonprofits are the underappreciated engines of social change in our communities, making important contributions to early education, workforce development, health care, environmental sustainability, and many other areas. Yet their ability to improve people’s lives is increasingly at risk due to a looming crisis in nonprofit leadership made all the more glaring by two seismic demographic shifts: the emergence of minority-majority cities in need of leadership that reflects their communities, and the retirement of the baby boomers.

"Here are the stark facts, according to a recent report by Third Sector New England, which surveyed 1,200 nonprofit executives and board members: two-thirds of nonprofit leaders in New England (64 percent) will leave their jobs within five years, 30 percent will leave within two years, and six in 10 organizations do not have succession plans."--Barry Dyn and Allan Solomont, The Boston Globe

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