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Elise Westhoff of The Philanthropy Roundtable sits down with Jeremy Beer to discuss the status of philanthropy in America and dangerous reforms that could cripple it.

This week, Jeremy sits down with Elise Westhoff, President and CEO of The Philanthropy Roundtable. Elise has extensive experience in the world of fundraising, from working as the executive director of The Snider Foundation (2013-2020) to managing major gifts fundraising for neuroscience programs at the Indiana University School of Medicine (2009-2013) and developing a successful $500 million capital campaign strategy for the New York Public Library (2004-2008). She also serves on boards for the Commonwealth Foundation and the State Policy Network.

Jeremy and Elise discuss America's tradition of philanthropy and why it is particularly unique. Elise shares her concerns about philanthropic freedoms, donor privacy, the politicization of charitable giving, and other harmful reforms on the horizon in the world of philanthropy—including cancel culture. 

Have you ever asked yourself if a donor club is right for your organization or whether it will increase your major gifts fundraising efforts? Well, American Philanthropic senior consultant Matt Smith gets into the details in this week's practicalities segment!

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