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To start off the fifth season of the GDT podcast, Jeremy sits down with Carrie Tynan of the Adolph Coors Foundation.

We’re back with the fifth season of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers! To launch the next ten episodes, Jeremy sits down with Carrie Tynan, CEO of the Adolph Coors Foundation in Colorado.

As CEO, Carrie oversees all the foundation’s operations--both charitable and non-charitable--and implements the trustees’ vision for America. She loves visiting nonprofits and learning how they are improving the lives of the people in their communities, as well as finding new, innovative ways to have a larger impact. Before her current role, Carrie worked for the Adolph Coors Foundation as a program officer, director of programs, and executive director. Her background provides a lens into the framework of a highly effective grantmaking foundation. 

Jeremy and Carrie discuss donor intent and local giving, combining human service and public policy grantmaking, and measuring the impact of initiatives. They also dive into the practical side of grantmaking and the importance of in-person site visits, communication with nonprofits, grant applications, and best practices for supporting grantees. To close the conversation, Jeremy and Carrie discuss the pros and cons of starting a foundation versus a donor-advised fund.

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