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This week’s episode with James Whitford is a perfect transition from Thanksgiving weekend into the giving season.

What are the characteristics of genuine charity? During this week's episode of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers, Jeremy Beer and James Whitford explore this question together.

James Whitford is the Founder and CEO of True Charity. James founded the True Charity Initiative to advance the cause of privately funded effective charity at the most local level nationally. His work has appeared in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Culture and Opportunity, Patrick Henry College’s Newsmaker Series, World, The Christian Post, and The Hill.

Jeremy and James start their conversation with some background on the Watered Gardens and how trial and error helped shape its mission to address the root causes of poverty. They cover topics such as entitlement mentality, restoring dignity, practical interventions, and more. This week's episode is a perfect transition out of Thanksgiving weekend and into the giving season. 

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