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Amazon has teamed up with the IRS to give more ready access to nonprofits' Form 990s filed since 2011: the goal is to make those forms more readily available.

"The Internal Revenue Service opened a gusher of information on nonprofits Wednesday by making electronically filed Form 990s available in bulk and in a machine-friendly format.

"The material will be available through the Public Data Sets area of Amazon Web Services. It will also include information from digital versions of the 990-EZ form filed by smaller nonprofits and form 990-PFs filed by private foundations."--Peter Olsen-Phillips, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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  1. Doc says:

    Great post. I still think Lopez will be the greater hit with his charismatic self. Speeches and charisma did have a lot to do with getting Chavez in, it wasn’t a long resume that’s for sure.

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