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Amid scandals, San Francisco's "Philanthropy Queen" Dede Wilsey leaves her post as head of the Fine Arts Museum in yet another example of bad board governance:

"... even as Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, toasted Ms. Wilsey for her "vision" and "fearlessness," behind the wide smiles and glinting jewels, museum officials had reason to worry. The state attorney general's office had begun investigating whether a 2014 payment authorized by Ms. Wilsey violated laws governing nonprofits. A chief financial officer had accused Ms. Wilsey of paying $457,000 in museum funds, without board approval, to a retired city engineer whose wife, on the Fine Arts staff, had performed favors for her." -- Jori Finkel at The New York Times



Photo credit: Vivanista1 via VisualHunt / CC BY


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