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Raising funds from the millennial generation involves approaches to digital giving that will make them feel connected with your cause; social media continues to be a major avenue.

"The millennial generation is different – no doubt about it. They’re always connected and in constant feedback loops with friends, family and the community at large. However, this connectedness is achieved through technology, which is why charities find it so difficult to reach millennials using traditional channels and donation options. While boomers continue to be a generous group, millennials will soon begin to fill their donation shoes as they move into their prime earning years. To take advantage of the rising spending power of this tech savvy demographic, charities must evolve and adapt to the latest innovations and trends.

"One such area of innovation, payments, is changing as quickly as social networking apps rise and fall. Millennials will dictate how they want to pay and be paid, via any mobile device at any time from any place. Organizations need to anticipate changing consumer preference and choice; convenience is becoming one of the most important factors for the connected generation."--Rob Livingston, The Globe and Mail

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